The first two political parties that were created were the Federalists and the Republicans. The Republicans have also been known as the Democratic-Republicans. Below is a list of the beliefs of both political parties.

  • Their leader was Alexander Hamilton
  • They believed in an industrial economy for the new nation
  • They supported the National Bank
  • They believed in loose construction of the Constitution. This means that if the constitution does not say that you can’t, you can!
  • They wanted to assume that states debts were to be paid to the federal government. The advantage of this would be unity, and the disadvantage would be that the stated would have more power than the federal government.
  • They supported a tariff, which would give American companies a chance to make more money.
  • Federalists are more close to the Republicans today because they believe in a strong national government.

  • Their leader was Thomas Jefferson.
  • They were mostly from the east and west.
  • They supported the agrarian lifestyle.
  • They did not support the National Bank
  • They wanted for the states to pay off their own debts, mostly because the government was in debt from the war
  • They believed in strict construction of the Constitution. This means that if the Constitution does not say that you can, you can’t!
  • Republicans are more close to the Democratic party today.


The political spectrum is a chart that shows an idea of where people stand on different issues. It helps to understand the views of different candidates.

The political spectrum is shaped like an arc. Each candidate is rated on the political spectrum for their liberal and conservative ideas. The ends of the arc are called radicals. Most candidates are rated towards the middle, and very few at the radical points. People found to have their beliefs rated at the radicals have been found to be willing to carry out illegal means to show their beliefs. The Revolutionary wing is the left wing, or liberal wing, and are normally willing to carry out violence to bring about change. Two examples of such people are Hitler on the Conservative side and George Washington on the liberal side.

Within the Political Spectrum, there are many different beliefs. The three major groups are the Liberals, the Conservatives, and Moderates.

Liberal Beliefs
-Large Government
-Higher Taxes (to support the government back)
-Limited Military (think military should be less involved)
-The way to gain wealth is by labor
-To unite with the nation, to become involved with all the other countries
-strict gun control
-That certain ethnic groups deserve a little special help
-That drug-addicted people deserve to get help instead of just being thrown in jail
-Against having religion as a part of their life

Conservative beliefs
-Small Government
-Lower taxes
-Large and strong military
-Business and management is the way to success
-USA is first and their main priority
-Little gun control

Moderate Beliefs
Moderates is a term that is used to describe people who just can't make up their mind because they believe in some liberal beliefs and some conservative beliefs. Actually, many of us could be considered moderates.