Franklin D Roosevelt was the 42 President. His term was from 1932-1945. He was president for thirteen years. He was know for leading World War II.
Franklin D Roosevelt was born on January 30th 1882. He went to school at Harvard in 1904/Franklin D. Roosevelt spent his youth year near Hyde park. He married Eleanor Roosevelt and had six children. There names were Franklin D. jr. James Elliot, Franklin D jr John Anna Eleanor. His nickname was F.D.R. He was a lawyer and a govenor.
An early suporter during World War II. Her was a polite man. He was the first and only book review he would write.
He was a police man before becoming President. He was elected Secratary of the Navy. He was a part of the Social Security act. He gave a speech it was called Infamy. Sadly He died in his office in 1945. He was a great president to research on.