George W. Bush was born on July 6, 1946. He was born in New Haven, Conneticut, and then moved to Midland and Houstan, Texas, and grew up there. He earned his bachelor's degree in History at Yale University. He later served as an F-102 fighter in the Texas Air National Gaurd. Bush later went back and earned a Master of Buiness Administration at Harvard Buisness School in 1975.
After he graduated, Bush moved back to Midland to start working in the energy buisness. After working on his father' sPresidential campaign in 1988, he assembled a group of people and purchased the Texas Ranger's baseball team.
On November 8, 1994, Bush was elected as the Govenor of Texas. He was the first Govenor of Texas to be elected to consecutive four-year terms. In 2001, Bush was elected to President. Since then he has worked with Congress to create an ownership society and build better security and opportunities for all Americans. He has signed laws for tax relief which helps workers keep their money and get a better education.
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