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Grover Cleveland

Grover Cleveland was born on March 18, 1837 in Caldwell, New Jersey. He was born the son of a Presbyterian minister. His father was Richard Falley Cleveland, and his mother's name was Ann Neal. Cleveland also, like Chester Arthur, moved to New York. He spent a sum of his life in Fayetteville, New York. He then became a student at Fayetteville Academy. Also alike to Arthur, he became admitted as a professional lawyer. His jobs included a respected sheriff as well as the Mayor of Buffalo and New York.

In 1884, the democratic candidate was Grover Cleveland, who was elected the 22nd (serving from 1885-1889) and 24th president (serving from 1893-1897). This was the first election since 1856 that the Democrats had returned into power. Cleveland brought many changes to the country. Ge reduced the purchasing of millions of acres of land and brought it back under the government control. Also, he approached the issue of lowering the tariffs set on goods, and signed the Interstate Commerce Act. This supported the reproduction of railroads for transportation. He also passed the Hatch Act which allowed the national government to have and extra sum of money to support farmers. Despite these supportative changes, he was criticized by both parties. Some believed he was using the system of "government regulation" to often or that he was becoming too liberal. In his first term, he was rejected by many and deserted by many citizens. They turned against him; successfully passing Acts and Tariffs which they knew he would never agree to. During his second term, he sent a specified representative to the new-found island of Hawaii. He wanted to make a compromise with Hawaii to become part of the United States, but they refused.

Despite Grover's first rejections during his first term, he definitely proved to be a unique and professional president. In fact, he was begged by many to accept a third term, but he gently declined, seeing that his age and health were not stellar.

Grover Cleveland was the 22nd president and 24th president. He served from 1885-1889 and 1893-1897. He was president 8 years. His nicknames were “Grover the Good” and “Uncle Jumbo”.

Grover Cleveland was born in New Jersey on March 18, 1887. He had little schooling, but he did go to school in Fayetteville and Clinton New York. He did not go to college. A few years later he married a women named Francis Folsum. They had 5 children. Their names were Ruth, Francis, Richard, Esther and Marion.

Grover Cleveland had a very important job in the White House. He answered all of the calls to the White House! Another important thing he did was expose many dishonest people. Another thing he did was work out the nation’s problems.

Grover had many other jobs, too. Some of the jobs were being the mayor of Buffalo, a lawyer, governor of New York, teacher, and sheriff of Erie County. He really didn’t do very many things after he was president.

Grover Cleveland did some very unusual and interesting things, here are some of them. He named the Baby Ruth candy bar. He named his rifle “Death and Destruction”. He liked hunting and fishing, He had a secret surgery in his jaw. He was president during the Klondike God Rush. He was the only person to be married in the White House. Grover Cleveland had a very interesting life.