**James A. Garfield**

James A. Garfield. The 20th president of the United States serving from March 1881 to September 1881. He was born on November 19, 1831. He lived in Ohio and did farm work. He was also the last president to be born in a log cabin. When James was two years, old his father died so he lived the rest of his life with a single parent.
Image:James Abram Garfield, photo portrait seated.jpg
Image:James Abram Garfield, photo portrait seated.jpg

Image:James Abram Garfield, photo portrait seated.jpg

Education: Garfield was a disciple of Christ. That’s where he got the majority of his teaching. Garfield's speaking experience came from being a lay preacher. He had two years of college at Williams College and graduated with Honors.

Life: On November 11, 1858, Garfield married Lucretia Rudolph. They had five sons and two daughters. In 1859, Garfield ran as a Republican for the Ohio state senate. In 1861, Garfield became a lawyer. Later in 1861, the Civil War started and Garfield was enrolled in the military. His military services ended when he was elected into the House of Representatives. In 1880 he became part of the Senate. He was inaugurated in 1881.

James Abram Garfield was president in 1881. He was only president for 3 months. He entertained people by writing Greek with on hand and Latin with the other at the same time! he was the 20th president.

Garfield was born on November 19, 1831 in Orange, Ohio. Garfield was also the last president to grow up in a log cabin. He also attended Williams College. He had two sons named Harry and James. His wife was Lucreta Rudolph.

When President Lincoln called for volunteers, Garfield showed up with unusual bravery. President Lincoln was surprised. Garfield won a minor battle in Middle Creek, Kentucky.

Before Garfield was president, he was a teacher. He taught at Geoga Academy. He sadly died in 1881 because a crazed police officer shot him.

When he was seventeen, his father died. He began walking at nine months. One month later he was climbing ladders and fences. That's Garfield's life.

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Garfield at 16


James A. Garfield’s Assassination

Garfield was shot by Charles J. Guiteau because of a failed effort to secure a federal post. He was walking to Williams College because he was supposed to give a speech. One bullet grazed Garfield’s arm the second one got lodged in his spine and the doctors could not find it. Scientists of today think that the second bullet was actually near his lung. To try to save Garfield a man named Alexander Graham Bell created a metal detector to find the bullet. One of the problems with this though is that Garfield was lying in a metal bed. Doctors today think that Garfield may have lived today if the doctors back then were a little more sterile. Several doctors felt for the bullet inside his body without washing their hands.