James E. Carter was the 39th president of the U.S.. He was president from 1977-1981. James E.Carter's term was for four years. James E.Carter had a nickname his nickname was Jimmy. Jimmy Carter was born in Georgia, October 1st, 1924 in the plains. Jimmy CArter's childhood occured on the farm and he grew peanuts. He took over his family's peanut buissness when his father died. He eventually went to the U.S. Naval Academy. Jimmy Carter married Rosalynn Smith. He had three boys and one girl and their names were John, James, Donnel, and Amy. Jimmy Carter solved problems and went to parades. He helped alot of people, and saved a hundred people. Mr. Carter saved five hostages and saved them totally from death.
Jimmy Carter had jobs before he was president he was a engineer, naval officer, farmer, businessman, states senator and governors of Georgia. What Jimmy Carter did after he was president he started helping poor people in Africa. Jimmy Carter actualy saved alot of people in Africa.
Jimmy Carter reconized the peoples Republic of China in 1979. Canal Zone Ceded to Republic of Panama, 1979 and more then 125,00 refuges fled cuba for the U.S.,1980. James Eral Carter was the first president to be born in a hospitel and thats Jimmy Carters president life.
by Lance Olson