The Korean War

The Korean War was started by two Korean regimes of escalation of the borders. The first attacks were from North Korea onto South Korea. It all was started as a refusal of not holding the election for North Korea. The communist North Korea then decided to send its army into the south in a attempt to regain the Korean peninsula on June 15, 1950 which was divided in 1948. The South then had gained ally with the USA and other against North. It was all turmoil over land with the US getting involved after the Cold War.

Korean War Small Arms

This was one of the wars we lost to the Koreans. Through out this they had obviously used tons of weapons. They had aircrafts and vehicles, but some of the weapons were like the well-known rocket launcher and others of this type. Some of the U.S. weapons were:

.357-magnum hand gun this was one of the strongest handguns up close to the .44 magnum. Its velocity was a good 1235 at the muzzle and firing at 1015 yards at the most. It held 8 rounds.

M1903A1 Sniper Rifle was and is one of the top ten rifles of the wars that Americans have been through. It was a .30 caliber round and at 600 yards for 2800 ft/sec it went 11 in into an oak board. It also had enough power to go .3 in into armor, and also with a 15 in Tracer M1, 152 can go up to a range of 125-900 yards.

M1 Garand was considered a semiautomatic, gas operated rifle. Its caliber was a .30-06 at 43.6 in long weapon. It weighed around 9lb and 8 oz at a barrel of 24 in. with 4 grooves, and a right hand twist. It held 8 round internally (inside), clip loaded, clip ejected after shot all eight rounds out. Right out of the muzzle it was at 2800 fps, 2650 ft-lb muzzle energy and at 500 yards it was 1918 fps, 1362 ft-lb. It was the most effective at 440 yards.

PPSh 41 submachine gun (burp gun) was used by the Soviet Union and was set at a 7.62mm weapon. It came many sizes but mainly came in 33 in and weighed roughly 8 lbs. It had a barrel length of 10.5 in with 4 grooves and with a right-hand twist. Most came with a magazine of 35 rounds detachable box or a 71 round drum. It had a rate of fire of 900 rpms and velocity of 1600 fps.

Korean War Heavy Weapons

The communists used two types of grenades mostly during the Korean War. The first type was the fragmentation (frag) grenade. It contained an explosive charge in the body. It was made of metal so when it exploded the metal would shred and hit the people if the explosion didn’t get them. It weighed one pound and had a killing zone of about 5 to 10 yards, and the metal shards would go about 30 yards. The second type of grenade was the stick grenade. To set this one off you needed to pull a string out of he top and then throw it before it blows up.

The US used a M1 Garand and added a grenade launcher tip to the nose of the gun. It was hand loaded like a regular gun. The grenade launcher was connected like a bayonet was. It was semi-automatic and was very effective during the Korean War. If the marksman using this weapon was a good one, he could shoot this grenade almost 200 yards!

M9A1 2.36in Rocket Launcher (Bazooka), was used mostly by the Americans and it was used mainly against heavier German tanks. It could penetrate the tanks armor to get inside the tank. It had crazy hard back blast so to get out of the way of it, the shooter would put it over his shoulder. Loaded the rocket launcher weighed about 5 lbs because of the rocket inside. It has an effective range and reasonable accuracy of about 350 yards.

Operation Rolling Thunder

Operation rolling thunder was a frequent bombing campaign that started in February 14 1965 and went till October 1968. During this period of time, U.S. air force and Navy aircrafts started a bombing campaign to force Ho Chi Minh to abandon his ambitions. The operation began mainly to as a diplomatic signal to impress Hanoi with America’s Determination.