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Core Democratic Values - Fundamental Beliefs - Core Democratic Values are the fundamental beliefs and constitutional principles of American society. They help unite all Americans. These values are found in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and other important documents, speeches, and writings of the nation.

Declaration --A page that is about the dec. so that people can get more of an understanding.

Changes in Culture -- This page will give you more of an understanding on the changes in culture since early America.

“It’s your turn to play politics at eLECTIONS: Your Adventure in Politics. Start by brushing up on policy in Getting Into the Race. If you are up for the challenge, compete for your party’s nomination in The Primary Election Process.”

“Learn how America Votes and discover the power the people hold in choosing their future president. Are you ready to be the next man or woman in the White House? Declare your platform and defeat your opponent with help from Game Strategy Tips.”