Mexican War

The Mexican War began on April 25, 1846. It began when Mexican troops attacked Americans on the southern border of Texas. It ended on September 14, 1847 but the treaty was signed of February 2, 1848.

There are lots of interpretations about how the Mexican war started but one of the largely accepted ideas is that Texas wanted to be independent from Mexico. Texas wanted to be part of the United States instead of Mexico.

When the war was going on Mexico did not have a very strong government. They had a pretty good government for a while but then in 1835 their government was replaced by a centralized dictatorship. Two factions came to be because of this. There were Federalists who wanted a democracy. The other faction was the Centralists. They supported a monarchy or dictatorship.

It ended up that various types of Centralists gained control of the government. This led to a very important event, the Texas Revolution. This eventually led to the independence of Texas. On December 1844 some Federalists overthrew the current dictator Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. They placed a man named Jose Joaquin Herrera as the president of Mexico. Already though the Centralists were planning to overthrow the president.

Mexican War Picture

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The Mexican War

On the day of March 24, 1846, General Zachary Taylor commanded an American Army. Set on the northern banks of the Rio Grande, right across the river from the Mexican soldiers. In about a month, some Mexican soldiers attacked a patrol of Dragoons on the 23rd of April. The President at this time was James K. Polk and on May 13, 1846, Polk declared war. The war was all about territory and the way the U.S. wanted to expand their land. They wanted to expand from the North American continent to the Pacific Ocean. The questions were about Texan Independence, disputed territory, along the river. The war most importantly was held of three different campaigns.

At Fort Scott, soldiers took part in all three campaigns. In 1845, the United States annexed Texas. The move made Mexico furious because they never have recognized it for real for Texan Independence. General Zachary Taylor was sent to Texas for the purpose to protect with a large army.

In August of 1845, General Taylor went to Corpus Christi on the Nueces River. The Mexicans stated that the river was the southern part of Texas. While in the mean time, Texas claimed laud all the way to the Rio Grande River. Once Taylor set with his men, the Mexican Army took most of the dragoons and killed eleven of them. There were 80 dragoons total.

One of the many strategies of the Mexican War was that the invasion of Mexico City forced the government to abandoned America’s territory. General Taylor won many battles as he went through northern Mexico on their way to Mexico City. Next, he went to Buena Vista where he fought many people and stopped two frontal attacks led by the Mexican General named Santa Anna. General John Wool, who recently came with dragoons and company A, but had left Fort Scott in 1846 of June, helped Taylor.