If you could add one amendment to the Constitution of your choosing, what would it be? Why would you add that amendment?

If I could add an amendment to the Constitution, I don’t think I would add a completely new amendment. I would add more information to the first amendment about religion, the first amendment states that we have freedom of religion that we don’t have to be a certain faith and we can talk about our faith. But as I look around at today’s world I can’t help but to think that the first amendment is being overlooked.
In December, many people celebrate different religious holidays, and it seems that we have the right to express our thoughts and feelings, but why is it that people have to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah”? I would add to the first amendment by saying that American citizens can put up any decorations and say “Merry Christmas” or whatever their religion is that they celebrate because that is having the freedom of religion.


If I could change something from the Constitution, I would definitely take out one of the Amendments. The Amendment I would change would be Amendment number three, which describes the Quartering of Troops. I would remove this amendment because I personally feel that it’s not modernized to this day. I mean rarely would one of us in the U.S. would house a soldier from the opposite side of the war. I just feel that today we would not even consider letting soldiers from other side in to our homes.


I would allow teenagers to be able to start driving at age 13 under one condition. They actually try to pass, and they drive responsibly. If they do not drive responsibly, then they get their license revoked and have to do 72 hours of community service. If they try to get their license again, they have to pay a sort of driver’s tax, and again go through all the procedures.


If I could change any part of the Constitution what would I change? I think I would make a new amendment. I would make an amendment that they should leave the driving age at 16. Because I want to be able to drive when I’m 16 and not 18. I think they should start driver’s education at 14 so you would have a better knowledge of driving before you actually start driving. But when your 15 that would be when you get behind the wheel. This should be an amendment; well that’s what I think.


If I could add an amendment to the Constitution, I would make an amendment that would allow public displays of Christian-related Christmas decorations. This amendment would also allow displays of any religion. I believe that this debate over the government favoring one religion is ridiculous, and I believe that just because Christian displays or any other “religious” decorations are set on public property, it has no effect on reasoning considering whether the government is favoring one religion over another. Displays with the Nativity Scene, or other Christian-related decoration seen on property does not necessarily symbolize the religion. These decorations are commonly seen during Christmastime, and the government should not be misunderstandingly understood for breaking the first amendment.


If I could add one Amendment into the Constitution, I would add the freedom to express religion. Under that, to explain more, I would put, “Anyone of any religion can express that religion in a way that does not harm anyone, or in a way that interferes with anyone else’s work.” I would put this because I am tired of people telling Christians that they cannot say Merry Christmas, but have to say Happy Holidays. Also, I am tired of people saying that we cannot put up nativity scenes in public places because it offends others. It offends me that they say that we cannot have those, and that we have to take everything down that has anything to do with God. This would allow anyone of any religion to be able to express their religion. There would be restrictions, such as no one can worship in the middle of a public area, but just like putting posters or decorations up.


If I could add an amendment to the Constitution to improve it, I would create an amendment says that the government cannot choose one religion over another. I believe that this amendment should be added to our constitution. I think it should be added because our nation was created under God. This is even quoted in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for witch it stands, One Nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

I think that the government should be able to put up Christmas symbols, such as the nativity scene. Other symbols of the Christian Faith such as the Ten Commandments, the Crucifix, and many others should be aloud. Government should be able to place these symbols on government property. I still do not understand why the decorations cannot be put up. This country has made this a commercial holiday. The symbols do not mean anything to many Americans, but to many Americans it means a lot.


If I could add one amendment of my choosing to the Constitution, I would probably choose to add an amendment about paydays and what types of jobs should pay more. I would say that jobs requiring more time, stress and intellect would pay more money per hour and jobs requiring less time, stress and intellect pays less money per hour. For example, jobs like brain surgeons, President of the United States, computer engineering, and other jobs that require more schooling would have better pay. I would add this amendment because many people I know have jobs that require a lot of time, stress and intellect, and don’t get paid nearly enough for all the effort they have to put into their jobs. It seems to me that lots of people get paid billions of dollars for acting and singing without even finishing high school and then they all go and spend it on drugs, alcohol and junk they don’t need.


If I could add an amendment to the Constitution, I would change how we can’t put up religious decorations because it might offend people. I think that since we have a freedom of religion, we should be able to have the right to put up decorations in offices, building, and public places. We have the right to put up any decorations on our own property, but to me that seems limited. I think that, especially if we are in our own office, that we should be able to put up at least some decorations. I agree that it could offend people if you have extravagant and tons of decorations, put I don’t see the offense in a small nativity scene. If I could change one amendment, I think this would be the one that I would change.


If I were to create an amendment to add to the Constitution, I would add an amendment about abortion. I believe that abortion is wrong and that it is killing children that haven’t even had a chance to live. The parents do not have the authority to take a life; that is God’s job. The parents’ responsibility is to bring up the child in a way that pleases God.

There would be one exception to that amendment and that is if the mother is in danger of dying. That would be the only valid reason because then the child, if the mother died and the child lived, then the child would have no mother to feed off of and would have no mother to take care of it. A non-acceptable reason for abortion is if the child has a deformation. A deformation is not the child’s fault; it is the result of sin.

The commandment that deals with abortion is the 5th Commandment (or 6th Commandment in some interpretations). The 5th Commandment states: “You shall not murder. What does this mean? We should fear and love God so that we do not hurt or harm our neighbor in his body, but help and support him in every physical need.” In the explanation of the 5th commandment, it says that God forbids us to take a life of another person whether it is by abortion, euthanasia or suicide.

Sometimes I think about what would happen if abortion was banned. There would be a larger world population, which could produce more problems in places like China where there are simply too many people to take care of. It’s not like no one will have any problems with this amendment or there won’t be any trouble in the world because of it. For Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16: 33b)

We don’t know what would happen if this amendment was put into the Constitution. But I believe that this amendment would be right to make because death of a child that had no chance to win is wrong. It’s not what we want, it’s what God wants. It seems selfish to me that someone would want to take the life of another, especially if it’s a child, because they don’t want them or they are disfigured. People make foolish decisions and this, in my opinion, is one of the more stupid ones. “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight.” (1 Corinthians 3: 19a)


If I could amend the Constitution in any way I would probably make it to in the time of war the government could spy on terrorist suspects and go to any means necessary to prevent attacks on the public. The reason I would give the government this power is because sometimes people must sacrifice some freedom and allow the government to take extreme measures to remain safe in the time of war.


If I could amend the Constitution in any way, I would choose to make an amendment about illegal immigrants. This would allow the Coast Guard to arrest anyone who is suspected to be an illegal alien, and send them to a trial. If the person was found guilty, they could be fined and/or sent to prison.

The second part of my amendment would allow the Coast Guard to search anyone's personal belongings at the border for bombs, large knifes, guns, etc. This would decrease amount of terrorist opportunities in our country.


If I could add to the Constitution I would add to the first Amendment. I would add to the freedom of religion. I would make it broader than it is. Such as expressing your religion; rather than having to Happy Holidays in restaurants. You would express your religion and say Merry Christmas. I would also add that you can put nativity sets on your own property even including business building properties. The Manager of that business would need to approve of this but otherwise you could. I think it is important to express your freedom of religion because it sometimes shows how much faith you have in your God. It is also important to express your freedom of religion because then you can reach out to others who are lost and are looking to be found.


If I could change an amendment it would be amendment one because of the freedom of religion, because the fact is that its not specific enough and also that people have not been going by it very well. For example hat one neighbor hood were the home owners association would not allow any Christmas decorations because of the fact that it is to celebrate the coming and birth of God's son Jesus. So really I just want to change it so that people would get what it means, such as if you believe in something you should not fear showing it. Also that no one can tell you what to show


If I had the opportunity to change anything about the Constitution, I believe that I would make additions to the Second Amendment. This Amendment is one that has raised much controversy throughout the years, especially recently, and I would like to make it very clear as to what this Amendment allows.

The Second Amendment states that the average person is entitled to keep and bear arms. The only catch to this though, is that it also states that this applies in a well-regulated militia. The biggest question that has come up today is since we are no longer in need of a militia, are people still entitled to keep and bear arms? I would add to the Second Amendment that today we are still allowed to own guns, but only if they have been registered and certified by the government. There would be a certain process that one must go through in order to be in legal possession of a gun, and people would only be entitled to certain types of guns. All of these specifications would be included in my addition to the Second Amendment after much discussion and reviews made by Congress and the Supreme Court.


An amendment to the Constitution that I would make is that I would change the way we vote. I think that instead of electors voting for the president I think that the popular vote should decide the presidency. I do not think that it should be up to the electors to decide the president because they promise to vote one way but they are not forced to. I think that it should be up to the people to vote for who they want for president.


If I could add something to the Constitution, I would make sure there were enough soldiers or officers at the border. To make sure not as many illegal immigrants can get over the border so we don’t have as many troubles as we are having with the right now. With more soldiers at the border less immigrants would hopefully leave from Mexico and come to the United States.


If I could change a part of the Constitution I would change the first amendment. I would change freedom of speech, instead of being able to say anything that the person would like, I would have it changed to only appropriate words. Many of the content in today’s society are harmful for kids to hear. I think that if a law was enforced about not using inappropriate language many children’s attitudes would improve. Inappropriate language is a problem that could be dealt with easily with the proper laws.


If I could add an amendment to the Constitution, I would add that any illegal immigrants would be sent to jail or sent back to the country they came from or fined. It is illegal so they should not be able to come to America and take our jobs. When something is illegal, something is done about it except for illegal immigration most of the time so I think something should be done. Illegal immigration is a serious thing so things should be done about it instead of just let go.


If I could add an amendment to the Constitution, I would say that all extra marital affairs should be banned. When you get married you make a vow to your spouse that explains how you will stay faithful to them until death. Breaking this vow is breaking a promise, which should not be broken. These affairs in a family could disrupt the children. For example, if you saw your mom with another man, this would make you very upset. An upset family could and or will put your family’s relationship in jeopardy.

If an affair were between a teacher to teacher in a school, this would distract the students learning. They would be thinking of how that teacher’s spouse probably doesn’t know about the affair yet. Students will also be thinking about the response of the spouse when he/she figures out. Affairs between students and teachers are just plain sick and wrong.

All affairs are wrong and a sin against God. This should be put in the United States Constitution for the good of people and their faithfulness to their spouse.


If I could add an amendment to the Constitution, I would give more freedom for the people to vote. I don’t think there should be any electoral votes or anything like that either. I think the president should be chosen by the popular vote by the people. Whoever the people
vote for should be chosen President. In our system, we rely too much on the electoral votes and not America's vote.


If I could add one amendment to the Constitution, I think I would lower the age to 16 required for voting, I feel this way because I feel in today’s society, younger ages are more aware of today’s events and are more interested in having a say who our leaders are in this day and age. Also I believe that if the age is lowered it might get the younger age groups interested in helping our country, and spend less time doing things that might hurt our country.


If I could add one Amendment to the Constitution, I would like to have freedom to express religion. I think it is important to be able to share your religions with other people. For example if you are a Christian you would be able to learn about other religions in the world. Another example would be, if you went to a public school and there were people who didn’t know about Christianity and God, you could tell them. You could express you opinion, and maybe other people will learn about God, and come to believe in him. I think expression of religion is really important.


If I could add one amendment I would make abortion illegal. Abortion is the murder of unborn children. Over 1.3 million mothers have an abortion each year. Having abortion legal could bring up problems because it would give people the rights to argue for legalizing theft, murder, or rape. Human life starts with conception. By the time the process of abortion begins, the baby’s heart, brain, circulation, and other organs are already developed. Which makes them a human. 1.3 million! That is a lot of women giving up unborn children. Giving up lives, the children don’t even get a say in the matter. Have you ever wondered what the little babies would say if they were going to be killed by their mother. The rights of the baby are being sacrificed for the rights of the mother. The Declaration of Independence even hints towards no abortion.
In CONGRESS, July 4, 1776
"...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are
endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,
Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."
“God has created who are we to destroy?”


If I could add an amendment to the Constitution I would add an amendment making bullying illegal because everybody has the right to feel safe in his or her homes and in school. Example: In school students are physically and verbally bullied every day, to the point where some children don’t want to go to school or they are left feeling lonely, hurt, and depressed.

But the thing is bully is an everyday thing and it has happened for as long as you can think of. Adults and your own parents probably think its part of growing up. They say thing like: it doesn’t matter, stay away from the people picking on you, or they say stuff like you just need to ignore them and forget about them and not let it get the best of you.

However, bullying is wrong. God wants us to treat each other how we would want to be treated. The percentage of children being bullied is 25% and that’s 25% too much. God want us to appreciate our friends and loved ones and not hurt them physically or verbally. I think that bullying should be a law so that students stop being bullied and start to enjoy life to the fullest. That is why I think that outlawing bullying should be an amendment to the constitution.


If I could I would add to the 5th amendment because when it comes to celebrities they can buy their way out of jail somewhat speaking. I think that the law should be stricter when it comes to a celebrity. A example of something like this reason is of OJ Simpson. He obviously committed murdered and still got away with this. The police had clear evidence that he did commit murder but had gotten away with it and bought his way out of it.


One thing that I would add to the Constitution is where they can sell alcohol and how much they can sell. Sometimes when I read the paper I read about drunk drivers being hit or they hit someone else. Usually the drunken diver kills them self or other people. It’s awful to read the families that lost their loved one or ones to a person who made a stupid mistake. There are many ways they could have prevented this from happening, but they didn’t know what they were doing so they couldn’t know how prevent it from happening. That is why I think that they should sell fewer drinks at the bar or in other places as well. I’m not saying that they should get rid of any types of drinks just how many they sell to each person. They should give each person a certain amount of drinks. The amount of drinks should be based on how old they are and their alcoholic back around. Where to sell drinks is pretty obvious, but where not to sell them is another issue. I think that they should not sell them place where younger children and teens would be present. They look up to their parents for everything. When they see their parents getting drunk they might think it’s ok to get drunk as well. That issue is mostly with young teens and young adults that can’t drink. Most teens think it’s cool to drink alcohol, but it’s not. It hurts the body, mostly the central nervous system and at a young age they should be getting those types of problems. The common problem is called depressant. What it means is that it slows the functions of the nervous system down.


If I could change any Amendment, it would be Amendment 17. I would change it because Amendment 17 basically says that each state should have two Senators and each Senator would have one vote. But I think that each state should have at least five Senators. Even though, each senator will still have one vote. There should be more Senators because with more Senators, you will have more votes. And the more the votes there are, there will be more opinions. Another good reason is that there cant be an even amount of votes. You will get more ideas.