Ronald Reagan - Childhood
Ronald Reagan was born February 6, 1911. He was born in Tampico Illinois to Nelle and John Reagan. His full name is Ronald Wilson Reagan. He attended high school in a nearby city, and worked his way up through Eureka College. In college, he studied economics and sociology. He also played football, acted in some of the school plays, and, before graduating, he became the radio sports announcer. In 1937, a screen test got him a contract to Hollywood. For the next 20 years, he had parts in 53 movies.
He married actress Jane Wyman. He had to children, Maureen and Michael. Maureen died in 2001. In 1952, he was married to Nancy Davis, another actress. They had two children, Patricia Ann, and Ronald Prescott.
Ronald began the president of Screen Actors Guild. He became very involved with debates over Communism in movies. Throughout these debates, he was changed from a liberal to a conservative. He often went on tour as a television host, and a speaker for conservatism. In 1966, he was elected Governor of California. He was elected again in 1970. Before becoming governor, Reagan hadn't been very interested in getting involved in politics. After this, he was very heavily involved, and ended up becoming out 40th president.
Ronald Reagan - Presidency
In 1980, Reagan won the Republican Presidential nomination. His running mate was a former Texas Congressman and United Nations Ambassador. His name was George Bush.Reagan won by a landslide, receiving 489 electoral votes to Jimmy Carter's 49.
Reagan took office officially on January 20, 1981. 69 days later, he was shot by a wanna-be assassin. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and returned to office. His grace and wit caused his popularity to go up.
Reagan did a lot to things to help the country. He did things with Congress to increase economic growth and employment, and strengthen national defense. He also tried to keep prices and inflation down.
In 1984, Reagan was re-elected for a second term. They beat Walter F. Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro.
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