The Treaty of Paris

Paris, you could say, would be the “city of peace” because there is often peace treaties signed in Paris. Maybe it’s the wine and croissants; maybe it’s just the city itself. As a result, there has been many Treaty of Paris’. Here are a list and descriptions of some important treaties:

1763 - Treaty of Paris

This Treaty of Paris is important because it ended the French and Indian War, which lasted 7 years. France was kicked out of North America; George Washington gained experience of a military commander, and gained much respect from his troops and other people from all over the world.

1783 – Treaty of Paris

The Treaty of Paris of 1783 is important because it gave the United States independence. It set the western border of U.S. at the Mississippi River. The northern border was set at the border of Canada and the southern border was set at Florida. Great Britain and the Americans were both granted trading rights along the Mississippi River. Also, the Americans got fishing rights in the Canadian area. Great Britain was expected to withdraw troops leave their forts in this region. In conclusion of the war for Independence, the thirteen British colonies became a part of the U.S.

Treaty Of Paris-- This website will give you more of an idea on the Treaties of Paris. (there are many of them)

1898 - Treaty of Paris

signed on December 10, 1898, ended the Spanish-American War.