Warren G Harding was the 29th president. He was president from 1921- 1923. He was president for 3 years. He was a nice president, but he still was the least liked president.

Warren was born on November 2,1865,in Corisca, Ohio. He was the oldest child in his family. He went to school at a grammar school. Later, he went to Ohio Central Collage. When he was nineteen he wrote a newspaper. It was called the Marion Star. Warren grew up and married Florence Kling Dewolf. Only, the Hardings had no children.

Warren did not try very hard to be president. He relied on congress and other people for leadership. He only had friends he could rely on. He also brought so many people to Washington D.C. they became known as the Ohio gang. Some were not trusted, but he still gave them jobs. He did some things, but some were bad.

Warren G. Harding did lots of things before he was president. After he wrote a newspaper he became lieutenant governor of Ohio. After that, he became a U.S. Senator. Then he became president. He died in office in San Fransisco, on August 2, 1923. Then the vise president became president. His name was Calvin Coolidge.

Even though he went to grammar school, he still had bad grammar. He had the biggest feet of any president, he wore a size 14! Warren G. Harding was a very interesting president.
Before Warren was president, he served on the United States Senate from 1915 to his inauguration as president on March 4, 1921. Warren was the first person to become president while on the senate. more information can be found here
Warren G. Harding
Warren G. Harding