World War II

Countries that fought in the war

1) United States of America
1) Germany
2) Soviet Union
2) Japan
3) United Kingdom
3) Italy
4) France

5) China

The Axis Alliance

The Axis Alliance was a Three-Power Pact between Germany, Italy, and Japan. The pact was signed in Berlin, September 27, 1940. It is also called The Tripartite Pact.

This was in the 19th year of the fascist era. Germany, Italy, and Japan all agreed that they needed to put all nations of the world in it’s “proper place.” They thought this would bring world peace. All three countries agreed to have reverence to the leadership of the other two countries. For instance, Germany and Italy would keep order in Europe, while Japan would keep order in East Asia. They would help each other in and with all political, economic, and military revenue when countries that are not implicated in the European war or the Chinese-Japanese conflict. This alliance did not effect the political rank of all three countries.

This pact came into action when it was signed. The pact would stay in action for 10 years. During World War II, Slovakia entered the Axis Alliance. Finland fought with the Soviet Union, but they did not enter the alliance. Yugoslavia joined the Axis Alliance on March 25, 1941, but after two days they withdrew. Later, after Germany and its allies took over Yugoslavia, Croatia joined the Axis. The Axis Alliance was defeated during World War II. Italy, in September, 1943, signed truce with the Allies. Germany surrendered completely to the Allies in May 1945. Japan did the same. Hence, the Axis were no more.

Axis Alliance symbol
Axis Alliance symbol

Weapons of WWII

The Americans and their allies used some of the best weapons that are still around with a few modifications. The Americans had some of the best infantry weapons through out the war. They used Heavy Machine guns like:

B.A.R It was a Browning automatic rifle it was one of the best heavy–weight machine guns. The area covered by this weapon was around 2600 feet/sec. It has 20 rounds of .30 caliber bullets that can be shot at 550 rounds per/min. As this was used in the war it was the strongest ever used in the World War.

M1919A4 The Americans put this on their trucks and tanks as a secondary weapon and used on foot as a close range weapon. This weapon shot at 2,800 feet/sec. It shoots .30 caliber rounds in a 250 round magazine at 500 rounds per minute.

SG43: Russia used through out the war. This weapon speed was around 2,380 ft/sec and it was a 7.62 mm round. It had a 50 round belt and shot 640 round per minute. This was one of the best weapons ever used by Russia.

MP44: The MP44 was an assault rifle developed by Nazi Germany in world war 2. It fired 7.92 caliber bullets. The powerful bullets made the recoil when firing on full auto very intense.

M2HB: The weapon status of this was it shot at 2900 ft/sec with a .50 caliber round. The magazine of it held 110 round and shot 575 per minute. USA held this a primary weapon and helped us through it all.

external image bren.jpg

Bren: One of our allies in the war was the UK as an ally they made a very affective weapon. This weapon was one of the strongest up on the list with the B.A.R. It shot 2400 ft/sec with a .303 cartridge at an amazing 500 rounds per minute. With 20 rounds in a magazine this quickly became a very affective weapon.

M1 Garand: This was the Americans #1 rifle of choice it shot an amazing 2,723 ft/sec. Its rounds were .30 caliber and with a 8 round magazine it was one of the most accurate and powerful rifles.

Tokarev SVT40: This was Russia's only rifle that was manufactured at this time. Yet it was an amazing weapon of choice, it would shoot 2,723 ft/sec and had a 7.62mm cartridge. With its 10 round clip it would make its way to a affective rifle.

Mk2 Sten: Every country had its own sub-machine gun like Russia, this weapon shot at 1,200 ft/sec and with a 9mm bullet it knocked people down. Its clip held 32 rounds and put 550 rounds per/min in the field.

Small Arms
Colt .45: This was the only type of pistol the Americans used. It shot at 950 ft/sec with a 9mm cartridge and with a 7round magazine it made a great secondary weapon.

Luger: the luger was made by Georg Luger. this pistol was used by the Germans in World War I and World War II. The Luger had a 7.65 mm. Bullet.moz-screenshot.jpg

Battles of WWII

There were many battles during World War II because the Germans seeked to gain power over all people and destroy all who got in their way or was not the same as they were. There was the battle of Dunkirk or also known as Dynamo. There was the battle of Normandy and the battle of Stalingrad. There were also many more battles.

In the battle of Stalingrad the Soviet Union attacked back at the German because the German had a weak defense. One of the main reasons that the German’s had keep on winning the battles was because they had a great defensive strategy and when that had failed the Germans would just change their strategy. When Crete was attacked, the Royal Navy was able to evacuate most of the people.

Nuclear Bombs

In August 6th and 9th, the first nuclear bombs were launched and hit Japan. The first bomb hit the city of Hiroshima, Japan, 1945. The Bomb was named “Little Boy” and had the force of about 12,500 tons of TNT. The second bomb hit Nagasaki, Japan, 1945. This one had the equivalent of 22,000 tons of TNT. The name of this bomb was “Fat Man”. They first attacked Hiroshima because it was of military importance and because it was the headquarters of the 2nd Army.
Atomic Explosion
Atomic Explosion

Consequences of World War II

World War II killed more people, involved more nations and was the most costly compared to all the other wars. 70 million people served in that war and the total cost of people was 17 million soldiers, and the cost of civilian lives was even greater than that. For civilians, 19 million Soviet civilians, 10 million Chinese, and 6 million European Jews were killed. World war II was a global war. 70 nations took part in this war and fighting took place in Africa, Asia, Europe as well as on the ocean.

USS Arizona- The Sinking

The USS Arizona was first made during the first World War and that is the war when it saw its first action. It saw its last action during the second World War and the attack on Pearl Harbor. The last day it was afloat was December 7, 1941. At 8:06 it was struck with a Japanese bomb between the starboard and two turrets. Most of the damage came from the explosion from the magazines of ammunition they had on the ship because the black powder magazines were left open. Not many of the people on the USS Arizona escaped, but those who did did it with the help of Lieutenant Commander Samuel G. Fuqua who earned a medal of honor. But many people who didn't escape went down with the ship. Of the 1,400 people on the ship 1,177 died that day. There is now a memorial for the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor.