Welcome to this collaborative wiki, created by the 8th grade U.S. History classes from Our Savior Lutheran School in Michigan, and Shepherd of the Hills Christian School in Colorado.

See what the students have learned about United States history during the 2007-08 school year.



  • 5.01.08 - OUR SAVIOR STUDENTS:
    • Please note that Mr. Black has added Opinion Question 5.
    • Please link at least one primary source to your contributions. You must complete an analysis worksheet for one of them. This will not be necessary for each one you add.
    • Links to primary sources: Primary Sources - Slavery Civil War Primary Sources You are not limited to these sites, but they are good starts.
  • 4.30.08 -- SOTH ASSIGNMENT:
    • Due Monday, May 19th
    • Three significant contributions to the wiki, including links and images
    • Complete the new opinion question and respond to any other comments from either teacher
    • Fill out the wiki form given to you in class to show that your work is complete
    • Please concentrate on building Civil War content (including events leading up to war as well as the Reconstruction era) as well as adding information about our Washington DC trip

  • 4.24.08 -- Hello to the Michigan and Colorado students from the LEA Convocation in Minneapolis. Great work! Both of us are very pleased with your hard work on this wiki. You have become semi-experts with the use of the wiki and we are sure you will be a great example to other students in Lutheran schools around the nation. Mr. Black and Mrs. Greve

  • 4.11.08 - OUR SAVIOR STUDENTS: April-May Assignments: Due May 23rd.
    • Five pages have been added to correspond with our final units in History. You are all responsible for the pages you have been assigned to. This means you need to watch conventions, formatting, chronological order, etc. (and obviously accuracy of information) Help each other out. SOTH students may also be adding information to these pages.
    • Each of the above contributions is to have a picture, diagram or video (video must be approved by Mrs. Greve) and at least one hyperlink. Do not forget to add to the Chronology and the Terminology pages. The terminology should be linked to the page. This would be in addition to the other hyperlinks.
    • Respond to any questions made directly to you or regarding any contributions you have made in the past.
    • Respond to the questions posed by Mr. Black and Mrs. Greve in the Discussion section of Opinion Question 4
    • Remember to revise and edit before posting. Make certain that your formatting is consistent.
  • 4.5.08 - WELCOME BACK SOTH STUDENTS! I hope your trip to Washington DC was fun, informational, and a reminder of how God has blessed our country. Mrs. Greve